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Meet  Mr. Mac  "COACH" 

Entrepreneur, #1 best selling author,

husband, father, and motivational speaker

"My name is Mr. Ronnie Mac (COACH). Most people know me by my stage name Mr. Hair Art. I am the owner of The Shops & Salons Network, The Hair Art Network, and The New Mobile Salon Network. I have been in the Barber and Beauty industry for over 30 years. And throughout those thirty years, I have been exposed to a tremendous amount of very insightful and beneficial information coming from the tens of thousands of customers and the Barbers and Hair Stylists in this industry. Because of this exposure, I have amassed a great wealth of experience and abilities of which I'm going to share with you."

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Trust your intuition and success will follow


Mr. Ronnie Mac

Mr. Ronnie Mac has talked to hundreds of thousands of people on stage in seminars, shows, and meetings all across the country. He has covered hundreds of problematic subjects concerning Relationships, Obesity, Racism, Business Building, and many more. Now Mr. Mac the LIFE COACH is going VIRAL by offering these unique perspectives to Millions of people all over the world via the “WORLDWIDE STAGE” of the internet!

The Hair Art NETWORK was created in May of 2000 by Mr. Ronnie Mac. Mr. Mac is a Grand Master Hair Artist that has been doing Hair Art for over 25 Years. From the humble beginnings of cutting his own hair in the bathroom of his family’s home in the lower Projects of West Dallas, he continued to improve on his craft.

Mr. Mac… “I Love cutting hair. I don’t think I have ever had anything else in my life that has ever made me happier as a profession. When I began cutting, I would go into the bathroom and practice in my own head. Every week when my hair grew back in I would cut something different in my head. My mother and father were always encouraging me with my skills and helping me to get better. Once I started to show that I really had talent my brothers and cousins started asking me to cut their hair. Then my friends and their friends. A LEGEND WAS BORN!”

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