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Meet Mr. Mac 

Entrepreneur, #1 best selling author,

husband, father, and motivational speaker

"My name is Mr. Ronnie Mac (COACH). Most people know me by my stage name Mr. Hair Art. I am the owner of The Shops & Salons Network, The Hair Art Network, and The New Mobile Salon Network. I have been in the Barber and Beauty industry for over 30 years. And throughout those thirty years, I have been exposed to a tremendous amount of very insightful and beneficial information coming from the tens of thousands of customers and the Barbers and Hair Stylists in this industry. Because of this exposure, I have amassed a great wealth of experience and abilities of which I'm going to share with you."

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Mr. Ronnie Mac has talked to hundreds of thousands of people on stage in seminars, shows, and meetings all across the country. He has covered hundreds of problematic subjects concerning Relationships, Obesity, Racism, Business Building, and many more. Now Mr. Mac the LIFE COACH is going VIRAL by offering these unique perspectives to Millions of people all over the world via the “WORLDWIDE STAGE” of the internet!

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The SKY is          
    the LIMIT

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“It was a pleasure interviewing Mr. Mac at his Mega Salon as he showed his skills doing Hair Art Designs in customers head!”



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“Thanks to my Dad for guiding me and my siblings to Do our Best to Be the Best!”

Mac 5 (Jr.)


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“Total Genius! Mr. Mac and Mobile Salons are about to serve the community in a major way.

Officer Scott

Dallas Police Department

Excellent service and a stand up business man. Great Spirit and a inspiration to us all”

Bro. S. L. Berry



“Mr. Mac. My Light. My Life. My Husband. Being married to him for 30 YEARS but it feels as easy as 3 DAY!




“Maaaan, this Brotha is the Best in tha business. I can see the future and this guy will be a true leader.”


RADIO Personality


“Thanks to Mr. Mac and all the Brothers who came out to share the knowledge and expertise with all the young new business owners.”

Phill A.

Small Business Administration

“I wish I could get my hair cut by Mr. Mac on one of the Mobile Barber Shops Every Week! Sure Feels GOOD!”



In this first-of-its-kind book, Mr. Ronnie Mac offers an inside look into the teachings and preaching of one of the top leaders in the Barber and Beauty industry. Everyone knows that the Barber & Beauty Industry has always been filled with barbers and beauticians that double as psychiatrists as they listen to and give oddly wise advice to their customers. Well, Mr. Mac, also known as Mr. Hair Art, has harnessed this power from THOUSANDS of Barbers and Hair Stylists and condensed it into one of several books to come that you will have to see and read to believe.
Our outlook, thought process, and event our actions have been evaluated and processed by thousands of professionals throughout hundreds of years and then passed down from generation to generation by when there is a GAP where there seems to be missing information passed down to the people and they need this information to survive, well we in the industry are here to serve. 

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The wisdom needed to cope with and even master this thing called life Mr. Mac the LIFE COACH has put into a collection of books. This collection is guaranteed to give you the information along with the tools and tips that you will need to bring about positive change and certain mastery in your life.
No matter what problems you are going through or situations you are encountering Mr. Mac will give you a “Life Coach” approach to helping you to overcome those issues. Unlike most other “inspirational speakers” or “everything gurus”, Mr. Mac approaches guidance and psychological assistance with a “Coach” like approach that most human beings can adhere to and appreciate.
You can purchase this collection of works in paperback or ebook form.  When you donate inside this campaign and get the first collection book with your package or you can go to and order your book separately today.


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