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The HAIR ART TV Channel

3824 Cedar Springs Road #406

Dallas, TX 75219
Tel: 800-406-7711
Fax: 877-650-9814

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THANK YOU to all those who have submitted shows for consideration to be added to the HAIR ART TV Channel "LINE UP". You all will be notified by Ronnie "Mr. Hair Art" Mac himself of the status of your shows or your videos. For those who are still in need of Funding and Financing of your Shows or even your Projects, please fill out the Shops & Salons Crowd Funding Form below to start the funding process. 


To apply, simply click on the Crowd Funding web site and set up an account. Once you have done that you are ready to "CREATE A CAMPAIGN". Click on the (START A CAMPAIGN) button at the top of the page and follow the simple steps to start collecting money for your show. Once you have collected what you need to produce your show, Mr. Mac and the HAIR ART TV Channel Team will assist you with setting up the proper links to begin production and airing of your show and/or videos.


If you need help with your campaign we do offer a V.I.P. Service that will assist you in promotions and connections to getting your Show or Project Funded.


( This is a FEE service so be prepared. "You got to Spend Money to Make Money!" )

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